About Us

Message from our Chair & Founder-

The Phoebe Foundation was started in memory of my 3 year old daughter Phoebe who passed away from complications due to a congenital heart defect in September of 2012. Phoebe spent a third of her life in the hospital, and as you can imagine, the hospital setting can be quite difficult for a young child.  Many children fail to understand why they are sick, and can struggle coping with the hospital routine, often leading to depression. Unfortunately many other families have had an experience similar to our own.

After Phoebe’s long and courageous battle, I have dedicated myself to improving the quality of life in the hospital and to bring as much happiness as I can during a stressful time for these special children and their families.

Our fundraising efforts  go towards well-being programs including music& art therapy as well as expanded play therapy.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Julia Rolando